The HomeFix Club

At one time, the HomeFix Club was to be a communications tool for members, show sponsors, and Joe to communicate with each other.  You can find examples of the newsletter archived below.   Punching out a timely newsletter was not working well so the email mailing list was discontinued.

Today, you are invited to “LIKE” the show (The HomeFix Radio Show) on Facebook where much of the conversation and interaction now takes place with listeners and show participants.  This element of Social Media is growing and we hope you are able to join us there.  Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “The HomeFix Club”

  1. Thanks! It is easy to get into the HomeFix Club. Just send me an email at and I will get your email address and can add it to the list. If you want, send in your mailing address too and every now and then I send out product samples and t-shirts and stuff to club members. Something may or may not show up in your mailbox!

  2. Quick reminder, if you would like to join the HomeFix Club, Click on the RED “Contact Joe” link in the above text and send me a not there. Posting a reply does not give me the info I need to get you on my mailing list. Thanks!

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