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Here is the HomeFix Trusted Resource Directory


The people and companies on this list have earned their way on here.  They do not pay to be on this list.  I have put them on this list for one of two reasons.  First, they are sponsors of the HomeFix Radio Show and I have active interaction with them and the customers they serve.  Second are people and companies that I have crossed paths with either personally or professionally that I feel do a good, honest, trustworthy job at what they do.  So why are they not advertisers on the show?  Good question.  We only have so much room on the show for ads and we are usually sold out.  Believe me, many of them would want to be featured on the HomeFix Show and perhaps someday will.  This list is my way to acknowledge their excellence.    

Print out this list if you wish. Share it, forward it.   Please give the people and businesses here a chance to serve you.  If you have any feed back on their work and services, good or bad, please let me know.   If there are any corrections to be made to this list that I am not aware of, please contact me at joe@joeprin.com. Thanks, and remember to tell these businesses where you got their name!