2 May 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 2 MAY 2015 On the road again, from Custom Bath Solutions in Meridian!  We broadcast from the new showroom featuring tub and shower enclosures from Best Bath Systems for remodeling and new construction.  We learn how the product is made, it’s evolution into what it is today, and about accessible bathing options.  And, a long time listener, Connie, stops by and wows us with her new kitchen photos all done with Reclaim Beyond Paint that she …

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25 April 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 25 APR 2015 SOLAR SATURDAY live remote from EvenGreen Technology.  We broadcast from Meridian and talk about Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic, Ventilation and lighting. A large crowd and detailed information make this a great show to listen to if you are thinking about bringing solar power into your home.

18 April 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 18 APR 2015 Is a smaller house for you?  Trends are changing and Joe talks about it.  Also painting your entry door for a quick makeover, and advice from a pro on how to install fence boards.  Ken and Melissa from the Filter Factory Outlet sit in and talk about Furnace maintenance and prevention of problems as well as answer questions on electrostatic filters, changing frequency, and quality levels of filters. Whole house fans and removing …

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11 April 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 11 APR 2015 Cant resist… Our minds are in the gutter with Steve from All American Rain Gutter!  We talk about different types of gutters, maintenance, and leaf guards.  Callers ask about gutter chains, replacing removed gutters, carbon monoxide detectors, and planter boxes. Joe Interviews Lynn from Olsons Greenhouse about the upcoming Containerfest at Home Depot as well as gives a primer on three tab shingles vs. architecturals.

4 April 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 4 APR 2015 Quite the variety today, callers ask about retrofitting antique light fixtures, temperature variations after a new roof was installed, venting a stove hood, cleaning calcium out of toilets.  Dave from Zeorez is in studio to talk about carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning.  He gets calls about cleaning vintage carpet, furniture removal, pre-cleaning, and talks about how Empowered Water works.  Joe even drinks some!

21 March 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 21 MAR 2015 A good lesson on Real Estate from MacKenzie and Paul Aitken, The A Team from Group One. Solid advice on what is happening in today’s market, getting your house ready to sell and how to find the next one.  Valuable lessons on customer service too.  Callers ask abou the new water heater requirements and how it will effect them, bad water pipes and the law suits, getting a custom awning made, and how …

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14 March 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 14 MAR 2015 A bad cold has Joe punching through a quite varied HomeFix show today!  Callers ask about flooring, shake shingle roofs, sprinkler turn ons, garage floors, water meters, storing stuff in attics, plumbing and concrete.  Don McNeal from Monkey Bars is in studio and we talk about the organization and storage of what is in your garage as well as floor finish and cabinets.

7 March 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 7 MAR 2015 Bug day on HomeFix!  Justin from Envi Pest Control is in the studio for advice and treatment for all the bugs and critters coming for a spring visit to your home.  Callers ask about repairing a pocket door, and patching lath and plaster walls.

28 February 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 28 FEB 2015 Joe flies solo today so he drags out controversy right at the start.  A good rant takes place on contractor “Licencing”. Advice on carpet stretching from and email and keeping good relations with the neighbors for fence building.  How to get oil stains off a drive way, what cola is good for beside as a beverage, how to level a level, and why you should not get a free estimate.  Callers ask about …

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21 February 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 21 FEB 2015 Its “Ask a Plumber” with Jim from Master Plumbing.  Jim joins Joe in studio to answer plumbing questions about discharge pump motor nosies, low flow toilets in rental property, solar hot water tanks, master shut off valves, new water heater codes.  Also callers ask about solar panels for electricity and what to do about cut and modified trusses.