14 February 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 14 FEB 2015 Taniya Nayak, spokesperson for Frogtape and a designer and decorator from HGTV and many TV shows, talks with Joe about Frogtape and what to expect in design trends for 2015.  Carl Simpson from Renewable Energy NW LLC, sits in studio and discusses the current status of solar in Idaho.  Joe takes calls on roofing scams and finding moisture in ducts.

31 January 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show| 31 JAN 2015 So much in this show!  callers ask about water heater blankets, furnace condensate pan drains, water heaters, smoke alarms going of randomly, resurfacing over manufactured housing vinyl wall coverings, leaking tub valve cartridges, chipping concrete, door bottoms falling off, growling noises in plumbing pipes, loose bricks, and driveway expansion joints. Joe gets listeners worked up about the new water heater codes going into effect April 15, and government waste of collected lead funds. ‘What Your Mailbox …

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24 January 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 24 JAN 2015 A caller gets a lesson in too good to be true on coupons for duct cleaning.  Also, dripping exhaust fan vent, return air filters, pellet stove pipe, ice on heat pumps, low pressure on shower faucet, and Joe talks about running outdoor equipment to keep things fresh, why not to build trusses, skunhk dirt, and Ken ann Melissa from the Filter Factory Outlet Stores are the expert guests today talking about filters, running a …

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17 January 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 17 JAN 2015 A tapestry of topics on today’s show!  Joe talks about replacing undermount sinks that have failed, putting peep holes for security in doors, pans under washing machines, battery recycling, inspecting your crawlspace, jammed garbage disposals, cost vs. value, fixing a broken door jamb, and for totally off the subject… Joe want s to eliminate the 9/10 of a cent designation at the end of a gallon of gas.

10 January 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 10 JAN 2015 Show Paranoia or Preparedness?  Hard to tell sometimes.  This show is about all of that.  Preparing to deal with the common inconveniences and disasters of your home is our discussion today.  Randy Funk (Randy Funk Home Inspections) and Brandon Wright (The Disaster Response Team by Ultraclean) are expert guests on the show today.  Callers ask about cracks in fiberglass or acrylic bath tubs and how to deal with popcorn ceilings.  This show will …

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3 January 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 3 JAN 2015 Carpet Cleaning tips and suggestions from Dave at Zerorez on todays show.  Learn from a pro what works and what does not.  Lots of calls today on cleaning situations and problems. Dave also talks about which types of carpets he likes best and why.

27 December 2014 Show

The 2014 Bucket of Stuff list is announced on todays show.  All the “Stuff” you must have around the house for fix-it-projects.  A discussion about CO detectors and why the ones you think would be the best, are not.  And we learn about Seasonal Affective Disorder and how lighting can help.  Project discussions include patching a wound in hardwood floors and callers ask about bathroom vent fan ducting, prepping the house while gone on a trip, smoke alarms going off …

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20 December 2014 Show

The HomeFix Show | 20 DEC 2014 A new voice on the show, Amy form Evans Building Center Ace Hardware is our guest to talk about paint and painting, trends, and new colors.  Joe talks about touching up woodwork and cabinets to make them look fresh and new. Also door adjustments you can do for better fit and air seals.  Listeners call in about skimming walls before painting, bad tasting ice, sequencing a kitchen remodel, and installing a bath fan.

13 December 2014 Show

The HomeFix Show | 13 DEC 2014 Great discussion with Les Cullen about what foam insulation really is and how it fits in our lives.  Lots of changes coming in new construction.  Vent free fireplaces and the fuel for them is discussed and not highly supported. Corner guards, and a caller asks about kitchen cabinet repairs under a sink.

6 December 2014 Show

The HomeFix Show | 6 DEC 2014 Shoddy workmanship?  Sounds like there is a lot of it from Storm Chasers replacing hail damaged roofs quickly and with in experienced crews.  Home Inspector Randy Funk tells us what he is finding and what to look out for.  Joe stands in front of the class for Insulation 101.  Callers ask about painting metal roofing, popcorn ceiling removal, and vapor barriers.