11 July 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 11 JUL 2015 First heat, now rain!  Locusts next?  Joe talks with Joe Levich, Brandon Wright, and Jeff Goade about extreme rain issues and how to deal with them.  Callers ask about painting garage floors, ICF foundations, flooded garages, tile counter top grout replacement, leaky sink insurance claims.  Joe also hits on Dryer vent safety.

4 July 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 4 JUL 2015 Why does it cost what it does to have a screen door hung?  Learn more than you probably want to as Joe addresses this caller question.  Also, touching up woodwork, balancing a ceiling fan, shading out the heat, fireworks safety, window film.  Callers ask about refinishing decorative concrete, cures for a hot garage, attics that are too cool.

27 June 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 27 JUN 2015 As the temps rise over 100, Joe gives some “stay cool” advice.  Misters and what damage they can cause, painting and staining in extreme temps, Fire works cautions, walking on roofing when it is hot, and Melissa from the Filter Factory Outlet Store calls in with air conditioner advice and the importance of a clean filter.  Callers ask about hot garages, gluing a bird bath, home inspections, gutter drains. Also Joe talks about …

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20 June 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 20 JUN 2015 When should you NOT do it yourself?  Joe talks about this in detail.Also clearing soffit vents of dust bunnies.  Callers ask about remodeling and structural issues, hail damage, sliding patio door rollers, siding replacement, shingle colors and heat, and Joe and Max talk about our friends dealing with Alzheimer and dementia issues.

13 June 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 13 JUN 2015 The pond show!  Shanna and Robin from Treasure Valley Water Gardens sit in today.  Waterfalls, pondless features, and care and maintaining your water feature.  Joe also talks about bouncy floors, removing cable TV wires from house siding, Water heater Anode rods, and Joe rants about Hot Air Balloons.

6 June 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 6 JUN 2015 LIVE from a home on the NARI Remodeled Homes Tour!  We talk with the contractor, Joe Levich about the remodeling of this home as well as homeowner and how the process went.  Also Jon Beaton from Wagner Spray Tech calls in midway through the show to tell us about the really cool new FLEXiO 990 paint spray system just introduced.

30 May 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 30 MAY 2015 The rain came this week and Joe talks about the effect on our homes.  Also, Hardened bolt terminology and designations.  What do those little marks mean?  And gas vs propane of cooking.  Callers ask about 3 tab roofing and the new style of shingles, a buckling floor under vinyl, roof ventilation in a low slope roof, and cracked tiles in a heated floor. Span Tables for Joists and Rafters

23 May 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 23 MAY 2015 Joe Levich from Levco Builders sits in with our Joe and they team up to answer listener questions.  Joe to the power of 2!  We also hear about Joe Levich’s journey to remodeling and his thoughts on running his business.  Callers ask about flaking concrete, taking off vinyl before hardwood install, painting a garage floor, sanding an Acacia floor, sinking concrete, roof vents, stamped concrete, removing a glued on mirror, a moldy cabin, …

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16 May 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 16 MAY 2015 RECYCLE!  Never before in the history of the HomeFix Show has there been so much positive and enthusiastic feedback to a show.  “…Best since Garage Guy!”  “Out of the park home run!”  “Best Ever” “Gotta Listen to this one again!”   Listen and learn from our valley experts about recycling, what, where, and how.  SPECIAL focus topic program.

9 May 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 9 MAY 2015 LIVE from Second Chance Building Materials at 15th and Grove in Boise.  We learn about the mission and scope of this exciting non profit from it’s founder, Melanie Curtis.  Quite inspirational what they are doing here.  Also, Jay from Viewpoint Windows, Doors and Hardware joins us as we talk about window and door replacement and how things are done right.