26 January 2013 Show

The HomeFix Show | 26 JAN 2013

Solar energy and how it can work for us in Idaho. Carl Simpson from Renewable Energy Northwest is our expert guest in studio for today’s show and discussion on heating our homes and water with solar.  Also Ron Streng, an homeowner from Meridian who had a system installed on his home tells us why and how it is performing.  Several callers ask about their situations, Idaho Power changes and interaction with solar,the weight of the products, circulation pumps, hot air compared to hot water panels, and solar applications to their home.  Callers also ask about spalling concrete, door weatherstrip replacement, laminate flooring, self closing door hinges, hot light switch covers, and leaky soffits.

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  1. I am trying to contact Carl Simpson. We would like for him to give an educational presentation on Solar Energy in Idaho.

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