10 APR 2010 Show

The HomeFix Show | 10 APR 2010

Brian Gimmel from The Painting Pro is with Joe in studio today to focus on the subject of the new lead paint safe practices requirements and the law that has been passed going into effect April 22. They spend the show discussing the impact to contractors and home owners and what this all means for people living in homes built before 1978.

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1 thought on “10 APR 2010 Show”

  1. Some great issues have been brought up since this show aired. What about the Paint the Town volunteers? Will they be breaking the new laws? How about a person buying and flipping a house and including a repaint? And will your insurance company may you the contractor sign an “out” that you will not work on pre-1978 homes even if you are lead paint certified? All important items we need to discuss and clarify. What do you think?

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