Smart Straps Retractable Ratchet Tie Downs: Product Review


Have you ever done something for so long that you never even considered a better way of doing it? This was the epiphany that hit me as I first started playing with the Smart Straps Retractable Ratchet Tie Downs as I unloaded them out of the box. It is one of those forehead slappers. Duh! This is a much better way.

What I am talking about are the tie down straps you all probably have rattling around in a coffee can in the back of your pick up. If you are an over the top organizer like me, they are in 2 separate metal containers in my bed rail box. One for the straps, one for the ratchets. Regardless of your storage method, the same problem plagues all of us. You have to untangle them every time you use them, feed an end through the ratchet, and then have to figure what to do with the extra footage of strap. My straps are 10 footers, but when I think about it, I usually only use about 5 feet of them. So, somebody did some good research at Smart Straps because the ones I tried out are 6’.

What makes these things so cool is that the strap is permanently attached to the ratchet. No more two parts to loose one. You release the ratchet, pull out the strap you need and tighten up the ratchet. When done, the strap rolls itself up on the spool! Incredible.

I have driven around town with the extra strap off my old tie downs shut in my truck doors. Or slammed under the lids of the toolboxes. Or the best one, dragging on the road behind me.
I have purposefully avoided my ratchet tie downs for short strap jobs. Too much effort for a few 2×6’s on my ladder rack. I have used bungee cords. Probably not the safest thing to do. Now I can use these Smart Straps tie downs faster and much more secure to the benefit of my fellow motorists and me.

Home run on this one folks, this is a really good evolution. And now that you know about them, your old straps are going to drive you crazy. Mine will be in the next yard sale I have. Test.

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