Big Stretch Caulking

This is one of those products that goes under appreciated and unnoticed by the majority of hands-on homeowners, repair people, and contractors.  But once you experience the product, you will bee hooked on it from there on out.

I was told about Big Stretch caulking by a fellow contractor who was doing some siding work.  We were talking about how caulking can dry out and crack and he said that since he started using Big Stretch, it has not been a problem for him.  So I tried some.

Not only have I been using it for exterior siding and windows, but also for interior door casing and base boards.  It bonds really well, is easy to work with your finger, and cleans up easily with water.   There are 12 colors as well as a clear version available but 90% of my purchases have been the white.  Mainly because most of what I use it for will end up getting painted anyway.

I have found it to have a good shelf life in my tool trailer as long as I use some of those red rubber caps over the tip of the tube when in storage.  Those things are great too!

Now here is the real kicker for me.  As of this writing, I have been using this product now for well over 2 years.  I tried to figure out how many tubes I have purchased in that time and I am coming up with about 350.  I have yet to have a crack or failure, or a call back for a caulking issue.

Here in my area, Big Stretch is available only at the Lumber Yards, and not the box stores.  Some have a better selection of the colors than others, but as a minimum, they have White, Clear, and a couple of the other colors.  I pay $4.29 per tube.

Big Stretch is not for everything, and if you check out their website, you can see where and what it is not recommended for.   But take it from this Contractor, use Big Stretch and you will not be disappointed.  Neither will your customers.

8 thoughts on “Big Stretch Caulking”

  1. Joe, we at Sashco just wanted to thank you for this wonderful review of Big Stretch. We are thrilled that it’s working so well for you! Have you tried our other products? We’d be happy to send you coupons to try them out free from your local dealer if you’d like!

    Best regards,
    Sarah Shaffer
    Sashco Sealants

  2. I love Big Stretch. I am now preparing to paint my house, so any coupons would really be helpful. thank you. Diane Schmidt

  3. I bought a box of Big Stretch several years ago. I stored it in the house before trying to use it a few months after purchase but found that every tube had solidified.

  4. To Dick Fox: I’d take it back to the store to have them trade it out for good product. It should not do that. I have had tubes as old as 8 months with no problems what so ever. I do however keep it away from freezing.

  5. The professional painters of my home recommended it and said that they now use no other. I tried it on some concrete cracks and gaps and it has held up fine (no water damage in the winter). Only one to do so, so far. Pricy, but well worth it. I would rather do it one time and do it right that to have to repair failed caulk.

    Nick Hall

  6. Just to let all know, I used Big Stretch in 1990 when painting my Chicago home.I went to paint again and there was nohing wrong with the chaulk. It still flexed, even on the north side.
    Alsoin a pinch at that time I used it as window glaze. Weill the DAP fellout, but needed heat to remove the BS. Needless to say, and after telling BS customer service, I am using it as window glaze. And no, it is not hard to tool becuase DAP changed there Glaze for VOC reasons and it is bad. Realbad to tool (ripple) and paint (orange peel) and cure (more than 2 weeks indoors at 70 degrees. And I can paint BS in a week! Great stuff! Please do not change it!

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