Project: Curved Deck

photo_remodel_deck1Here is a backyard deck built last summer in Star, Idaho that had something different.  The space was there and I was told to fill it with a deck that would allow for flowers and plantings around the edges.  The redwood substructure was built over dug in concrete footings and deck blocks.  The fascia edge of the deck was wrapped in Trex 1 x 12 materials prior to the walking surface being installed.

Here’s a tip.  If you bend Trex like this, do it on a nice hot day, it bends much easier.  The decking is 5/4 x 6 Trex Accent Series attached with Senco trim head square drive screws.  I left the boards running long and then transferred the perimeter line to the surface plus an inch or so for the overhang.  The cut was made with a Bosch Jig Saw, very slowly and carefully.  I cleaned up the cut with a belt sander and then put a Router to the edge with a radius bit profile.

I have not been back to the house to see it with the patio furniture and the plantings but I am sure that it looks and feels great in this superbly manicured back yard.






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