Why, why, and why?

“Jim Class” is a feature that airs within The HomeFix Show. Writen by original charter show listener Jim Forrer from Caldwell Idaho, Jim shares his observations, life experiances, and lessons learned in life. Joe Prin reads these at various times in most of the HomeFix Shows. Here is the original written text.

Just a few year back, the County Mounties were investigating drug and gun running in apartments around the corner from our place. They did their surveillance of activities by parking in front of our house. Yesterday, the City cops were looking for dogs that were not licensed, they parked in front of our house. Two years ago there was a home invasion down the street, when investigating, they parked in front of our house.  When the City Police set up a speed trap on our street, guess where they park?  About 10 years ago the City and County police were looking for a run-away from a care center. They all started their search from where? You guessed it, by parking in front of our house.  One late afternoon a little three year old boy came up missing. The entire neighborhood went out hunting for the little fella. We found him with Grandpa. Grandpa had taken him for a ride in his old truck and had not told anyone. When I got back to the house, there were three squad cars parked in front and in their favorite spot—–In front of my house!

Is somebody trying to tell me something?