23 June 2012 Jim Class

“Jim Class” is a feature that airs within The HomeFix Show. Writen by original charter show listener Jim Forrer from Caldwell Idaho, Jim shares his observations, life experiances, and lessons learned in life. Joe Prin reads these at various times in most of the HomeFix Shows. Here is the original written text.

Please Release Me;

Proof of liability insurance to the amount of one million dollars seemed a little much, but that’s what it would take to get the job. After taking care of that stipulation, I submitted my bid. My bid was the lowest by 500 dollars. I must have figured wrong and had forgotten some, not too small, of an item. But no, I had calculated properly. I always wanted to make a living, not a killing like some of my competition. Anyway, I was awarded the contract.

When a couple hundred tons meet a so called immoveable object, something’s Got-a-give.  In this case it was an over built industrial double drive gate.  The gate spanned a siding track within the sugar plant.  The employee moving the car forgot to unlock and open the security gate.  The gondola being loaded to the hilt with sugar beets, was unforgiving when it met the closed gate.

The first work day at the job, I removed all damaged material and set both terminal gate post with hydraulic cement mixed with the concrete.  The pour set up in a short time which afforded the ability to affix the side lines to the posts.  The new manufactured gate was to be delivered the next day.

The hustle and bustle of the plant in full swing restricted my time availability for the installation of the double drive gate, I was told to begin sometime after slow down of plant operations, somewhere around 5 pm., or so.  I arrived at 6  pm. and in no time completed my task.  I gathered all of my paraphernalia and headed for the perimeter fence gate.  Lo-and-be-hold, I was locked inside.  I transversed the property looking for a way out, but alas, there was no egress to be had. I knew that I could always gain freedom by removing a gate or two, but then I could not replace any gate from the outside.  Sooooo, I waited for the night watchman to show up, which consisted of over two hours of twiddling my thumbs.  My anxiety and frustration was building with every passing moment.  Finally, there he was walking around from the front of the building.  He caught sight of me and opened one of the gates.  He was laughing as he beckoned me off the premises.

Ahh;  Free at last!  I went home knowing the feeling of confinement and being fenced in.  Oh well, onwards and upwards.