Pack Mentality

“Jim Class” is a feature that airs within The HomeFix Show. Written by original charter show listener Jim Forrer from Caldwell Idaho, Jim shares his observations, life experiences, and lessons learned in life. Joe Prin reads these at various times in most of the HomeFix Shows. Here is the original written text.

Comradery and empathy is the dominant trait of our canine pack. As with any dogs within a family setting, they take  on the same behaviors of their benefactors. Our pack consists of three dogs and two ‘ole timey’ humans.

The first of our present caninus pack is Guinness our Doberman. He was two years old when I picked him up, he jumped into the truck cab, snuggled up against my leg and went to sleep all the way home. Guinness  has been that close to me ever since. He has been with us now for seven years. When we made his rescue adoption, he had many, many medical troubles. Guinness had to have surgery on his left front leg, an operation on both eyes. He has hearing loss from the effects of a bad case of mange.

Our second member is Bonnie who has been in residence for four years. Bonnie is an American Pit cross, we believe with a Chesapeake. She had been in and out of the animal shelter three times to our knowledge. Bonnie was deemed somewhat crazy, not so, just full of exuberance, a real fireball. Previous owners said that she was stupid and un-trainable, and this too proved to be a falsehood. All she needed was stability and a place to call home. Bonnie established herself as our Florence Nightingale. Whenever one of the pack became ill or injured, she was there to give support and help as she saw fit. Even when Pat or I were under the weather, she would not leave our side.

The third household member that came to live with us is Sadie. Sadie is a long hair Dachshund mix. Last year a very good friend of 50 years passed away. Kathleen had two dogs, one of which was 10 year old Sadie. The other dog ‘Sam’ was adopted out to a fried of the family. Since Sadie is an older dog everyone thought of putting her down. Sadie was traumatized greatly after Kays’ passing. Pat and I would have none of that, so we brought her home with us. She fit right in, but she would not leave Pats’ side. Sadie follows Pat everywhere. The other two dogs loved her immediately.

Now, here is what I implied about ‘Pack Mentality’ and its example; ———-

Guinness is in pretty bad shape and I’m afraid he won’t live much longer. He has a great deal of trouble walking, let alone getting to his feet. The Vet told us that he has only one good leg left and has a mild case of hip dysplasia. Early the other morning when Pat let the dogs out first thing to do their do, Guinness was slow getting up. It took him a couple of minutes to advance to the back door. This stoic guy never complains, whimpers or acts angry or snippy, but rather he is always in a good mood.

When the door was opened, there stood Bonnie and Sadie in the cold patiently waiting for Guinness’s arrival.  They both greeted him as if they hadn’t seen him in ages.  The little stub of Guinness’s tail was going a mile a minute and joined in with the other two’s frantic tail wagging.  The three of them exploded through the snow to have a good romp and their daily constitutional.

Friendship abounds around here.