12 November 2011 Show

The HomeFix Show | 12 NOV 2011

A longer than usual show today as the BSU Bronco schedule put HomeFix on the air at 5 AM for three and a half hours!  Joe talks about cleaning and aligning gutters, the 3-7-25 pattern of remodeling, the benefits of knowing how to shut down power, gas and water in your home in case of emergency.  Callers ask about building curved roof systems, adding insulation to existing interior walls, disposals and water filters, and a discussion about choosing the right sink and counter tops.  Also announced today is the Genie Garage Door Opener Contest.

Drawing of winners name to be announced on the December 17 Show.   Mail entries to  The HomeFix Show  1419 W  Bannock, Boise, ID  83702.   Entries must be received by December 8.

Write a short essay, no more than 250 words on why you need a new Genie garage door opener. Our panel of experts will  read every entry, and choose the top 5 and will post them on   the JoePrin.com website, from there, callers will vote to determine the winner on the December 17 show.

Due to the length of this show it has been split into 2 podcasts.

HomeFix Show Podcast


HomeFix Show Podcast