03 September 2011 Show

The HomeFix Show | 03 SEP 2011

Joe goes off topic a bit and gives his thoughts about going into business as a Handyman / Contractor.  Here is what a long time listener said about the show.  “Today,s show was a good one, in fact one of your best. Attitude is everything when it comes down to every faction in life. Your advice was a little over the top, but solid. Even though I know everything, sometimes I pick up on little facts from you. Hahaha. In 1960, when I was 19 years old, I walked into an IGA store in Wooster Ohio looking for work. I was applying for a meat-cutters position. The owner had just opened another store and was looking for a Meat Manager. He said that he needed to replace the Manager who was going to the new place of business. I did the same thing that your caller said he did. I offered to work for a week and if I didn’t work to his satisfaction that I would just walk away with my tail between my legs. Mr. Young hired me on the spot. He later told me the reason for my hiring was my attitude and bravado, not my age.  Self promotion will serve you well, as long as you tell the truth .”  Joe also gives advice on re-keying locks, solar powered landscape lights, and fixing vinyl floor seams.  Listeners ask about electrical issues and carpet problems.

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