The WORX TURBINE600 Blower blew me away! 20160709_131231

Here is how my hierarchy of performance has been with yard tools. It starts with cordless tools being the weakest, electric next, and if you want real power, put a gas engine behind it. Myth Blown.

To better understand an electric blower, you have to understand your need for an electric blower. I was one of those who used to make fun of the old guy down the street blowing off his driveway and sidewalks only to have the wind put it right back. I didn’t think a blower had a place in my home inventory. That all changed with… how do I put this… a surgery where guys really don’t want to have surgery. I was supposed to take it easy for a few weeks but it was fall and I am blessed with some massive maple trees in our yard. With great trees come great piles of leaves in the fall. The “old” way for me of rake, scoops, ‘barrow and bins to take the leaves to the garden was not a physical option. So I bought a top of the line hand held gas blower to help. Great tool. No complaints. I was able to push leaves around with ease and get them to the garden for mulching. No complaints. Well, other than filling the gas, smelling the exhaust and it is pretty loud. Still, I became a fan of blowers and use mine now for all kinds of work.

20160709_130547When I had the opportunity to run the WORX TURBINE600 Blower (Model #WG520) through its paces I was prepared to be unimpressed. I mean, how much could this lightweight thing actually deliver? I plugged in a 12 gauge cord, locked the connection into the clip so it wouldn’t come unplugged on every swing and rolled the variable speed control knob forward. I think I had it about half way and for some reason I thought that is where it stopped. I used the blower in my two car garage/shop to blow off my work bench, push a bunch of sawdust and floor dirt out the door, and blew off a year’s worth of dust and cobwebs from my long handled tool pegboard. The cloud rolled out of my garage and the neighbors probably thought the place was on fire! I thought I’d blow the debris into our big flower bed on the side of the house when I quite accidentally20160709_130535 rolled my finger across the speed control and turned this thing up to the maximum 110 miles per hour speed. OH MY GOSH! The WORX TURBINE600 jumped into hyper drive and being caught off guard, pushed my arm up with incredible force. This thing just got a whole lot more fun! Man, I was moving some air! I went back into the garage and blew out another layer only to find that sometimes you can have too much air power, therefore the value of that speed control. The best part is I did not fill the garage with exhaust, something noticed upon completion.

My wife has never really liked our gas blower. One, she has not mastered the pull/push starting technique and she detests filling the gas and the smell of gas exhaust on her clothes. (I guess us guys consider that cologne.) Trying to win some Hubby Points, I showed her this tool and said “Look what I got for you!” thereby breaking one of the rules of marriage; do not give your wife anything with a cord and call it a gift. Getting past that, I asked her to give it a try on our back porch which is her oasis but gets dirty with dog fur, leaves, and yard and garden leavings. I gave her no instructions, another rule of marriage. She had the WORX WORX TURBINE600 mastered and the job done in minutes. She likes it!















The tool is balanced well even when pulling around a hefty cord. The speed control is smooth and well placed. The nozzle length is perfect for our average heights and best of all the tool is clean and can be put away with no cool down needed. On the environmental side, this one scores more points. We have found the blower quicker to clean off porches and sidewalks and have pretty much eliminated hoses and water from this task.

There is a 3 year warranty backing it up and if you do not slam it into trees, posts, and cars, this tool should last a very long time. Writing a fair review, I have to pick on something. This tool is not ultra quiet. Do not get this tool thinking you are going to be able to hit your sidewalks at 6 am and not bother the neighbors. This much power still generates noise and I would suggest ear protection and courtesy to those living around you. However, it is a different noise and not nearly as annoying to pets and neighbors as I perceive gas driven tools to be.

I really like it. It is a good, solid tool and an incredible value at about $60. You can find this tool at Home Depot or order online at www.worx.com.