C.H. Hanson Precision Ball Level Review


The claim was made in the press release that “Not since the introduction of the modern level in the 1920’s has there been such dramatic changes to the design and functionality of the level like those of the new C.H. Hanson Precision Ball Level.”

Now if you know me at all, a claim like that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I have seen probably a hundred things that all claim to be better than their predecessor and have actually fallen flat on their faces. I have also seen “Improvements” made to designs that were anything but. However, after now having used this new level on several jobs and situations, there is definitely a place for this level in my tool trailer.

Check out the product in greater detail at www.chhanson.com but let me describe
what I used as a two foot machined aluminum level with a single aviation style ball in the center which allows you to not only level and plumb, but can essentially do both at the same time when placed on its side. It measures any pitch, which I found very handy on a roofing / truss project.

The level also has riveted on rubber bounce caps on each end which I liked considering the first thing I did while showing it to someone was to unintentionally let it slip out of my hands onto their driveway.

This is a nice tool. Well-built and fun to use. At around $40 from what I can find, it is also a good value. Is it an improvement over a traditional level? Yes, in my opinion it is. It offers versatility that other levels can’t.

Not being able to leave well enough alone, I would like to see it available in a 48″ version. Maybe even a 72″ because it would be great for doorjambs and spanning greater distances than what a 24″ level is practical for.

I have not intentionally pounded on this thing to see what it can take. I like it too much. But I am concerned that the ball itself sticks out past the face of the aluminum housing. The way I leave things around, and stepping on them, I’d hate for my clumsiness to burst my bubble if you know what I mean.

Good tool, good price, good improvements. Nice job C.H. Hanson!