American Standard Faucet Product Review

newsletter-003After the fan fiasco, the very next day I had to install a new, actually two, bathroom faucets onto new china lavs. I grabbed these American Standard Cadet units because of the cost at the box store. $44 each.

At the time I didn’t notice the claim in the green circle that says “1/3 the parts, installs in 1/3 the time”.

I thought, “Great, another one of those.” I was pleasantly surprised.

With the pop up assembly designed the way it is with a cable type activation mechanism, and the lack of need to use plumbers putty to install it, I had both faucets attached to the two new sinks, supply lines on to the faucet, dropped in the counter top, connected to the drain and angle stops… Both sinks, in 20 minutes! 5 more for removing the aerators and clearing the lines and 5 more for caulking in the sinks to the counter top and they worked perfectly.

30 minutes total. NO PROBLEMS and BETTER than ADVERTISED.

Note to American Standard- Well Done! Thank you for thinking this one out.