Project: Walkway with at Twist

You wouldn’t even notice this one unless you really know what to look for.  Kirk Davis and his lead landscaper Robert installed a walk way for me in my back yard.  I knew there was a better way to do this than what I had planned so I asked Kirk about it and he said to just let him do it for me.  When it was all done, I am glad he convinced me of the expenditure.  He started by delivering to the back yard what seemed like a lot of Arizona Flagstone and even more sand and gravel.

The next step was to determine the layout of the walk.  I thought just a straight shot out the back door and through my garden.  NO said Robert.  Too boring.  He suggested the gentle curve and again, I am glad he did.  I guess that’s why he gets the big rocks!  When the where was figured out, the next move was to dig out 6” deep of sod and soil.

This trench in the lawn was filled 2/3 with sand and gravel.  Then the artist began setting stones and making little ones out of big ones to get them to fit.   The garden part went directly over the sand bed that I had already in place.

So here is the cool part.  Look at the last photo.  What looks like sand between the stones is actually a high tech polymer sand that when it gets wet for the first time, it turns into a rubberized kind of grout.  It comes in 40# bags in several colors.  Robert poured it over the set stones and then ever so gently swept and pushed it into every void and to the edges.  He moistened it, and sure enough, the next day it became solid, but flexible.

So, after having lived with this walk now for a couple months and multiple mowings, I have to say that this is fantastic!  We now have the look of a country stone walkway, but without the issue of tracking sand into the house, or washing away the filler with the sprinkler system.  I do want to see if it keeps the weeds out over time, and I wondered about a fabric barrier under the gravel, but too late now.  Robert and Kirk didn’t feel it was needed.  And I like what they did so far, so I’ll trust their judgment.  Thanks guys for a great job!  To contact Kirk call 3-D Landscape at 208-631-2827 or visit