Bondera Tile Mat Set

Their website: I have been waiting for just the right project to give the Bondera Tile Mat Set a good test.  The perfect situation presented its self in a kitchen backsplash.  To prepare the area before the Bondera product was used, I removed the old existing tile as well as the drywall behind it.  Some new electrical was ran, and the drywall replaced and taped smooth. I went about this they way I think most of us do, I …

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Photo Group #1

This is one of the many Die Forge tools used to manufacture Channel lock Tools.  As opposed to Drop Forged, Die Forging does a much better job making a stronger, precise tool.  When this thing is pounding away, and the operator is inserting red hot steel into the dies, the earth literally shakes under your feet.  The feeling in your chest as the impact occurs is downright spiritual!   Safety is of prime concern for the operators of such huge …

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SikaFlex SL Self Leveling Sealant – Crack Filler

I am “Garage Guy”.  I want things to be just so.  Everything in its place, neat and tidy.  Clutter I can control, the concrete someone placed in 1975 I can not.  They used a 2×4 for the joint and while done well, it was about 3/8 of an inch in some places lower than the slabs.  This made for a sweeping issue as well as a collection point for water and winter melt off debris. I have used the Sika …

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Torx Lag Screws

Whoever came up with the idea for these things deserves some kind of “Hardware Award”.  Maybe even a Nobel Prize.  Serious. For years and years, when building decks and other construction assemblies, it was not uncommon to have to use lag bolts to hold one thing to another.  Lags did the job fine for then, but now with these Torx Lags, the job has gotten much easier, faster, and in many ways, better. When you used to have to use …

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Channellock Tools

Because of The HomeFix Radio Show, I get a lot of products sent in for “Testing”.  It is not really fair for some of these items as I tend to have an opinion about them before I even give them a try.  Either that or I have been using the thing / stuff for years and need no further convincing. So when Channellock tools came to me and wanted to work out some promotional activities and brand awareness on the …

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Genie Road Trip

Joe recently took a trip to Ohio and visited  The Genie Company where Genie brand garage door openers are made. Read his full report here and check out the pictures below.