3 OCT 2009 Show

The HomeFix Show | 3 OCT 2009 Joe broadcasts from a hotel room in Moscow this weekend and discusses some window replacement tips, frozen pipe advice, his pet peeve of not being able to see house numbers, weatherstripping and energy saving tips, blowing out sprinkler systems, some goofy sheetrock textures.  Callers ask about getting hot water to sinks faster, spiders getting into a house, adding concrete to an existing slab.  Joe also talks about a 20 minute quickie inspection of your bathroom to look …

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26 SEP 2009 Show

The HomeFix Show | 26 SEP 2009 Callers to the show bring up Contractor Registration and substandard workmanship, paint that won’t dry, floors that are sagging and cracked grout lines.  Joe introduces Leisure Time as a new sponsor to the show, and Idaho Power provides tips on Landscaping for Energy Efficiency.

19 SEP 2009 Show

The HomeFix Show | 19 SEP 2009 Steve and Tina Turley join Joe on the show to talk about Solatube brand daylighting systems from their business, Solar Concepts.  Joe also talks with them about attic ventilation and solutions they offer.  Also joining Joe this week, Charlene Miller from the Boise Police Department discusses home security and things you can do to make you and your home safer.

29 August 2009 Show

The HomeFix Show | 29 AUG 2009 Joe discusses if now is the right time to put an addition onto your house. Callers ask about warping hardwood floors, painting concrete patios with patterns, sprinkler head filter cleaning, smoke detector trouble shooting, and an Idaho Power tip about shower head water efficiency to save energy.

22 August 2009 Show

The HomeFix Show | 22 AUG 2009 Joe passes on extension cord tips from CableOrganizer.com.  Also some discussion on stamped concrete and how it is done, cleaning out scale from a water fountain and radiant barrier tips from Idaho Power. Callers ask about water softeners, how to repair stucco, a formula for cleaning mildew off house siding, and how to remove water rings in a toilet.

15 AUG 2009 Show

The HomeFix Show | 15 AUG 2009 Janet and Gary from Accessible Bathrooms and More join Joe for a detailed discussion about bathroom remodeling for accessibility and aging in place.  The products made by Best Bath are featured and explained.  Also the new “Big E” walk in tubs are introduced.  Callers ask about stove pipe replacements and more.

8 AUG 2009 Show

The HomeFix Show | 8 AUG 2009 Joe talks with Steve Ferenczy about Krud Kutter cleaning products and their uses.  Calls come in about flooring and counter top changes to help sell a house, down spout extensions for drainage, and tape down vinyl flooring advice.  Joe also gives advice about roof leaks and removing glued sown out door carpet.  The Idaho Power tip of the week is about Ceiling Fan selection.

1 AUG 2009 Show

The HomeFix Show | 1 AUG 2009 On the show today Joe talks with flooring installer Mert Wright about laminate floors.  Also Joe has tips about metal fence gate frames and how to remove and replace old sliding patio doors.  Icing problems with air conditioners continue and this is discussed along with some tips for keeping cool.  A caller asks about replacing a door with a new slab and Joe throws in his thoughts on this, jambs and proper hinge selection.

25 JUL 2009 Show

The HomeFix Show | 25 JUL 2009 Joe‘s frustration with clear finishes on exterior doors comes out in his advice on how to do it right.  He also informs listeners about rough service light bulbs and where you should use them.  Callers ask about draining water heaters and how to fix a smoke alarm problem.  Joe also introduces a new local sponsor, Solar Concepts and their Solatube brand Daylighting systems.