Ready for Some Good News?

Eagle Independent Newspaper Column

Ready for some good news for a change? God knows that I am. I am so tired of hearing about how bad it is out there. Out where? Point to it! Yes I know that for a lot of people, things could be better. Maybe a lot better. But you know, if you tell someone enough times that the Boogie Man is going to get them, they start believing it. Then they start telling others. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and becomes the path of least resistance and down you go.

Here is my good news. We as a community are about to recover. There is a significant amount of demand building for goods and services. We have adjusted, trimmed, got leaner and meaner. We rethought, simplified, got frugal, and held off. We became cautious, skeptical, introspective, and searching. We defined what is important and what is not. For all of this I feel we are healthier as a people.

If you the reader are not of this mindset, please continue anyway. Because it is for you that the most good will come of these times. You have had to react in ways you never imagined. You have had to make changes that others could not or would choose not to. You are determined to come out the other side, perhaps changed, but with a new perspective. And as we all move forward again, you will retain the lessons learned longer, and will be able to deal with just about anything that comes your way in the future. You will because you are a thinking fighter.

Time remains constant. There are just as many days in next week as last week. The choice we make is how we to put the time we have to best use. As time passes, and if you have made adjustments to your lifestyle, eventually, some things will catch up with you. If you have a car in your life, chances are that eventually you will need another. Maybe not the one you want, but one that will meet your needs. Underwear. Eventually you will need new underwear. Or a light bulb. Or crackers. Whatever. It is the principal of delayed demand. We may have hit the financial pause button, but from what I can tell, we are not a terminally stagnant people.

Companies will start making things and providing services again because the demand is coming. It won’t hold back much longer. It might be a demand for different things than before, but it is still demand. For those of us who provide goods or services, we must realize that our customers have changed, and if we are going to move forward and prosper, we must change too. To keep up with them!

So what is the good news? It is all around you, us, and me. It is in your head. You are thinking about it. Will you take action next week, or next month? You know what you should do. But can you see it clearly? Or is someone telling you that you are looking at the Boogie Man and you should run and hide. Not me. Bring it. I’m ready for a fight.