Guest Post: Sam Marquit

An Eco-Friendly Business, A Greener Home: Ways to Reduce Waste in 2013

Green technology has grown exponentially in recent years. Now more than ever it’s imperative that people take advantage of different eco-friendly and green solutions that are available. The green materials market has grown to $116 billion just this year and is projected to grow to $254 billion in 2020. As more services become streamlined for both business and personal use, it will be interesting to see which businesses change their models in order to lessen the impact of waste and pollution. These new technologies have allowed others to implement these practices at home.

Las Vegas is located in the desert. Its residents thrive on intricate water systems. As a world-renowned destination, casinos, hotels and entertainment complexes have made a living by offering a luxurious experience to travelers. The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort offers the same experience but without the harmful water waste. In fact the hotel was awarded for being the most eco-friendly hotel in America. The hotel incorporates a system of drip irrigation, moisture sensors and artificial turf grass in order to cut out eight million gallons of water waste per year.

To emulate this kind of saving, people have also been installing drip irrigation systems in their homes. These work best for dry areas that experience water shortages. However every home can benefit from collecting gray water. This practice involves collecting water from washer machines and showers that can be used to water lawns and gardens. You can also cut down on water waste by taking shorter showers, turning off water, installing low flow fixtures and installing tankless water heaters.

Recycling has received a lot of attention in recent years. Most homes today have some kind of recycling system that includes multiple bins for curbside pickup. The three R’s have contributed dramatically to the go green movement. Reduce, reuse and recycle continues to be the backbone of living more eco-friendly but it’s also being embraced by businesses. Even a process known as “up cycling” is gaining in popularity. Instead of throwing out old or worn out items, people are finding new uses for them. For example the ARIA hotel created a huge sorting center to reduce its waste from going to landfills. They also have sent food scraps to local farms in order to cut back on waste even more. At home, people are using compost bins to cut down on food waste and provide a natural fertilizer for their lawns.

There are a variety of ways that we can cut down on waste and help save the planet. Continued innovation is imperative. Businesses like the hotels and casinos in Las Vegas are raising the bar as they provide great green blueprints for others to follow. If the facilities in Las Vegas, a city that see millions traveling to hotels and casinos every year can implement green practices, so can the homeowner.