23 May 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 23 MAY 2015 Joe Levich from Levco Builders sits in with our Joe and they team up to answer listener questions.  Joe to the power of 2!  We also hear about Joe Levich’s journey to remodeling and his thoughts on running his business.  Callers ask about flaking concrete, taking off vinyl before hardwood install, painting a garage floor, sanding an Acacia floor, sinking concrete, roof vents, stamped concrete, removing a glued on mirror, a moldy cabin, …

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25 April 2015 Show

The HomeFix Show | 25 APR 2015 SOLAR SATURDAY live remote from EvenGreen Technology.  We broadcast from Meridian and talk about Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic, Ventilation and lighting. A large crowd and detailed information make this a great show to listen to if you are thinking about bringing solar power into your home.

6 December 2014 Show

The HomeFix Show | 6 DEC 2014 Shoddy workmanship?  Sounds like there is a lot of it from Storm Chasers replacing hail damaged roofs quickly and with in experienced crews.  Home Inspector Randy Funk tells us what he is finding and what to look out for.  Joe stands in front of the class for Insulation 101.  Callers ask about painting metal roofing, popcorn ceiling removal, and vapor barriers.

16 November 2013 Show

The HomeFix Show | 16 NOV 2013 Randy Funk, Home Inspector joins Joe in the studio and talks about winterizing houses. Joe gets to the basics of hanging stuff on walls and how to attach things to drywall with the assortment of available anchors.  Also, installing grab bars in baths and showers, as well as repairing towel bars pulled off walls.

5 October 2013 Show

The HomeFix Show | 5 OCT 2013 Stanley Johnson from Heating Equipment Co., and Bruce McKibbon from the Canyon County Building Department are in studio to talk about getting ready for winter heating, HVAC systems and efficiency issues, building codes and perspective from our mechanical inspector.  Carbon monoxide detectors are exposed as well as Licensed Contractors.  Callers ask about bad window installs, heating a garage, excessive dust in the house and pellet stove intake air.

7 September 2013 Show

The HomeFix Show | 7 SEP 2013 Short show today (one hour) because of the BSU Football game.  Joe talks with Craig Frame a roofer and storm damage expert about the recent hail storm and what can happen to our homes we might not see right away.  Joe also talks about a listener question of dealing with contractors after a water damage event, and we learn about the Idaho City Homes tour.

23 March 2013 Show

The HomeFix Show | 23 MAR 2013 Special Program, Ken Liston announces the Grand Opening of the Nampa Filter Factory Outlet and Joe and Ken give away a BUNCH of prizes!  Joe talks about lubricants and what they are best for, selecting screen for new screen windows, Shutting of water before vacations, and replacing a shower pan.  Callers ask furnace filter questions and also about the different woods for deck building, plastic moldings, and tile on a shower ceiling.

16 March 2013 Show

The HomeFix Show | 16 MAR 2013 Busy Show!  Joe talks about reversing the handing of a door and delaminating T-111 siding.  Callers ask about cleaning duct work, replacing laminate counter tops, vinyl versus wood fencing, rebuilding a gate valve, painting counter tops,where to find brick veneers, laminate flooring installation orientation, dormant water heater refill, garage door jambs, electric water heater thermostat issues, and lights that are turning on and off by themselves.  Also a caller follows up from a …

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27 October 2012 Show

The HomeFix Show | 27 OCT 2012 Last of the short shows!  Joe talks with listeners about heating work shops and how to insulate existing interior walls.  Also weatherstrip and adjusting doors, outdoor lighting, and living with butcher block counter tops.

13 October 2012 Show

The HomeFix Show | 13 OCT 2012 Short show today because of the BSU Football game.  Joe talks about dryer vent safety and shower door design issues with frameless glass.  Also, COT Spa Covers are welcomed as a new sponsor to the HomeFix Show and Joe encourages listeners to inspect their crawl spaces now before winter.  Next week’s show will be 30 minutes also.