Joe Prin Remodeling

Joe Prin Remodeling, LLC is a full service remodeling and repair company registered and insured in the State of Idaho #RCE 23530. I provide all aspects of interior and exterior residential home makeovers and improvements. My specialties include kitchen and baths, room additions, window and door replacements, decks, outdoor living areas, and conversions and modifications to allow you to live in your home longer as age or medical needs require. Plus a lot more. If you are in doubt if I can help you, please ask. If your project is not within my skill set or abilities, I am happy to refer you to someone I know that can help you out.


In 1993 I took on my first remodeling job. I still enjoy each and every day being a contractor and providing my skill and services to people. I get my contentment and satisfaction from being able to provide my customers with what they want and desire of their homes. I am often asked if I can do simple handyman work. Yes. I started my business doing this and will not stop doing “the small things.” It is a great way to introduce myself to new customers and to still be able to help out past clients too.

As the owner of JPR, I would invite you to contact me with your thoughts and ideas for your next home project. Even if you are not quite ready to get started. I offer consultations prior to official quotes or estimates so that you can get a feel for alternative ideas or what areas you may need to think about a bit longer. These services are billed at $50 per hour.

So that you know how I structure my business relationships, I have included the following information. This is the wording that appears in every construction contract I join into with my customers. Please read this even if you choose not to hire me. There are elements included here that you should be asking of any contractor working on your home.

Contact Us

Call us at 208-573-1082 or use the handy web contact form.

Project Planning Basics

Thank you for inviting us to look at your project. As per your descriptions, our conversations, and/or discussions in your home, the following project summary and cost projection are what we are providing prices on at this time and the items that Joe Prin Remodeling (JPR) will address should you choose to hire us to be your contractor.

Sample Remodeling Contract

Prior to getting into the specifics of your project, we must ask you to read all of the following information. IT IS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE to read this material so that a full understanding of your job and what you are paying for is communicated.

It is our business philosophy to provide you the customer with the highest quality of service and product at a price that is fair to both of us. We hope to earn your trust and satisfaction. We also look forward to you referring us on to your friends and associates for work they may need to have done.

This may sound strange to read but JPR is in business to make a profit. By being a profitable company, should you need us again, or to back up our work with our warranty, we will be there for you. Without making a profit, we soon would be gone like so many contractors before us.

JPR is fully insured for your protection with liability and workers compensation insurance. Our Certificates of Insurance are available to you on request.

The following is how we calculate the time and materials for your job.


Included in your invoices will be charges for the following:

  • Actual time spent on the job of demolition, building, setting up and putting away tools and cleaning the work site each day. We try to stay on the job in as many consecutive days as possible to eliminate wasted set up and take down time. Leaving some items on the job site overnight helps to off set the time spent setting up the next day. Your cooperation and security with this will help to keep your cost down.
  • Time starts when we arrive at your home and ends when we leave. Lunches, breaks, and time away from the job during the day for other customers are not billed to you. Time spent in discussions and review with subcontractors and others involved in your job are considered billable hours.
  • Travel time to and from your job is not billed to you in direct hours unless your job is outside our normal work area of Boise and Eagle. Outside these areas, you will be billed for the time and mileage (.45 / mile) spent from our closest normal work area.
  • Office time. Built into your job pricing are hours for off site office time. There is a lot of planning, coordination, and preparation to be done for any type of work or project size. This is part of why you hire us. The amount of office time is dependent on the scope and detail of the work involved. This is billed as a line item on your cost proposal as Overhead and Administrative at 10% of the total job.
  • Extras or Delays. In your pricing, we have tried our best to determine how many times we will be working in your home on individual days. Should there be delays or job stoppages caused by you the customer, you should expect to have additional charges due to the need to reschedule labor and set up equipment. If additional work is requested, additional charges will be communicated to you via a Change Order. If you help work on your project, it will be critical for you to stay on the calendar assignments.
  • Estimates. Time spent on estimating this project is built into your pricing. If you choose not to hire us, you will not be charged for this estimate. Drawings, shop drawings, renderings, sketches, descriptive copy, product literature and material / cost lists are the property of JPR unless you hire us. If you wish to acquire the creative and technical work done on your project from JPR, without hiring JPR, you may do so. A charge will be issued for the time involved.
  • Hourly Rates- Used in the calculation of your pricing, and dependent on the expertise and skills needed for individual segments of your job, direct labor is charged out between $45 and $75 per hour.


  • In your invoice will be charges for materials that we have purchased to complete your project. These material charges will also include common items that we use from our inventory and stock that travels with us. Such items are nails, screws, glues, caulking, stains, and consumable items like plastics, tape, sand paper, and drill bits. We do not include the time it takes to select, pick up, and deliver materials to your job site in your pricing under TIME as often we combine trips for maximum efficiency. However, we do charge for our selection expertise and this purchasing service with a mark up of between 15% and 35% on top of the actual material costs.
  • You can save money by picking up, paying for, and delivering materials to your job. We will be happy to provide you with suggestions on where to shop, material lists, or supplier contacts. The more you do, the more you can save. Before you decide on an item outside of a list we prepare, please consult with us to make sure it is appropriate, code approved, or suitable for your job.
  • Permits. Building permits (if needed) are billed out as materials at their actual cost. The time spent acquiring the permits is billed out as labor.

Change Orders

The most costly thing that can happen to you is to make significant changes once the work has begun. Sometimes this is unavoidable and we understand and will do our best to work with the changes. If there are however, material changes, returns, new purchases, scheduling adjustments, cancellations, or special ordered materials, you should expect to be billed for the added time and materials needed to execute the change. Careful planning and a commitment to the plan are the best strategies to keep the costs down. All changes will be discussed with you as to their financial impact on the project. In most cases, a written change order will be provided for signature.

Cautionary Note – Pricing out a remodeling or repair job is nothing more than educated, professional guesswork. There is often no practical way to know what is behind walls, under floors, and what quality of work has been done by others in times past. The pricing we have provided here has been prepared in good faith but is by no means final. Therefore, while we fully intend to complete the desired work at the prices provided, the actual cost of your job could change. Should this occur, we will fully disclose and discuss with you the options available and their associated additional costs. Likewise, it is not uncommon for good things to happen when we have accounted for worse. In this event, we reduce our billing by the appropriate amount of savings you have realized.


JPR guarantees it’s workmanship and installations and that of any and all of its subcontractors for a period of one full calendar year following substantial project completion.

We cannot and will not be your agent in claims arising from the failure of any materials or products that you have purchased and supplied to the job yourself. You will be responsible for handling warranty claims on materials, supplies, products, appliances, fixtures and the like, that you supply to the job. Please keep all of your receipts and documentation on these items.

Acceptance and Payments

A deposit may be required on larger projects to secure schedule time well in advance of the start of work and/or for material or subcontractor prepayments. This amount will be listed as “Project Deposit” on the cost sheet(s) of this document. Deposits are not refundable should project be canceled at any time after deposit is paid.

With your signature or by allowing us to begin work, you have accepted the terms and explanations of this agreement. You authorize us to order materials, schedule subcontractors, and make purchases on behalf of your project.

Special Order items and large amounts of materials (over $750) must be paid for in advance and may be included in. Invoices for materials and labor will be issued weekly (usually Fridays), or at the end of the project if its duration is less than one week. Payment is expected at that time (or usually on Monday).

Should you terminate this agreement, for any reason, prior to job completion, all work finished or in progress, expenses accrued, full administrative and overhead charges, materials and their associated mark ups purchased or ordered, along with a 10% of job penalty ($150 minimum), will become due for payment on presentation of your final invoice.